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6 Spots In Malaysia To Hike Up Your Adrenaline

Nisha Nicole Nair

02 Mar 2021


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Image via Toomas Tartes/Unsplash

The Restriction Movement Order in Malaysia is finally lifted, and a whole lot of us are ever-ready to ditch the Zoom work out videos and YouTube yoga sessions to load up on some vitamin D outdoors. 

Football’s great and basketball’s not too bad, but hiking can indubitably give you a whole body rejuvenation, that too alongside lush trees and the serenity of nature. Bonus? You meet new people! Hikers are pretty pleasant people, we hear.

Catering to both new and avid hikers, Malaysia is home to some of the most breath taking hiking spots you can imagine. We’ve gathered six trails you should definitely include in your to-hike list.

#1 Broga Hill, Semenyih

Image via Fatah Hezry/Flickr

400 metres above sea level and one of the most renowned hiking hot spots in Selangor, Broga Hill is perfect for early birds looking to catch the worm ( in this case, the beautiful orange and pink hues of the sunrise at one of the three peaks).

Hikers embark as early as 4am in the morning, guided by flashlights (on sale upon entry) to be able to reach the top in time for sunrise. A small entry fee is collected at two points of the hike, once at the parking lot and once more midway.

Fun fact – a few scenes from Malaysian movie Ola Bola were shot here!

#2 Bukit Gasing Forest Park, Petaling Jaya

Image via CCFoodTravel.com/Flickr

Nestled in the suburbs of Petaling Jaya making it a convenient hiking spot for nearby residents, Bukit Gasing Forest Park has six different trails (don’t panic! A map is available at the entrance), each one leading to either a Hindu temple or a watchtower. You may find the trail a tad steep, but there are plenty of markers and steps previous hikers had left behind.

It originated as a rubber estate, which explains its luxuriant nature. Needless to say, a picturesque view awaits you at the top of the hill.

If the hike gets too much, you can rest on the benches provided along the way.

#3 Penang Hill, Penang

Image via Fidelia Zheng/Unsplash

830 metres above sea level, Penang Hill offers two routes: The jungle trail and the “Jeep Track” (open only to those whole live on Penang Hill). The entire hike up takes close to three hours but you can always take the new and improved funicular train to descend the mountain after your hike.

The main highlight is obviously the panoramic views from atop circling Georgetown and the Penang Bridge. If the views aren’t enough, there is stall selling fresh fruit juices and frozen treats at the peak! Think of it as….a reward for all that climbing and profuse sweating.

#4 Mount Pulai, Johor

Image via Maria Mat Nayan/Flickr

Bring an extra pair of clothes if you’re planning to hike up Mount Pulai because trust us, once you set eyes on one of the three spectacularly scenic waterfalls, you wouldn’t be able to resist taking a dip.

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The hike itself is said to be moderately challenging, taking about 3.5 hours of continuous climbing on average for climbers to reach the peak. It involves some rope climbing, clambering over logs and rocks as well as other mild stunts that would give your feet a run for your money.

Hikers also rave about the amazing Nasi Lemak stall at the foot of the mountain where you can indulge in for breakfast before burning all the calories during the hike.

#5 Panorama Hill, Sungai Lembing, Pahang

Image via Ronald Tagra/Flickr

Intrigued by the name? 45 minutes away from Kuantan town, this beauty has gained immense popularity because of its magnificent world-class view of sun rays cutting through the sky, accompanied by misty clouds. 

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Pegged as a manageable trail, hikes are estimated to take about an hour to summit the peak. There are stairs (approximately 800 of them) to support your ascend, but it’ll be all worth it when you reach the top.

#6 Mossy Forest, Cameron Highlands

Image via Aleksandr Zykov/Flickr

Does the sound of a ‘cosy hike’ appeal to you? In this mystical looking forest, you’d experience just that, owing to its high altitudes coupled with an ethereal mist that lingers in the air.

The intertwining vines and branches, tree trunks blanketed by moss and comforting view of the verdant tea plantation makes it the ideal spot for photoshoots, so don’t be startled if you come across beautifully dressed couples along your hike.

To retain the authenticity of the Mossy Forest, hikers are to only use the boardwalk provided.

We’ve also gathered some tips that might aid first-time hikers:

  • If maps are available upon entry, grab them! Maps are really underrated. Our smartphones may not be the most reliable source of navigation in areas without signal.
  • Flashlights, a first aid kit, some snacks and water are must-haves.
  • Hike in a group of at least 3 people. If person A gets injured, person B stays with person A while person C goes to get help.
  • Wear proper hiking shoes. We cannot stress this enough. Since most forests can be moist and slippery, you’d need shoes with a good grip to avoid slipping.

It goes without saying to make sure your cameras and smartphones are fully charged because if there are no pictures with ‘no filter’ hashtags on social media, the hike pretty much didn’t happen, right?


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