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Here’s Why Sewing Is Such An Important Skill To Have And Some Basics You Can Learn


13 Apr 2021


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Benefits of Sewing Skills

Images by tirachardz/tata toto

Back in school during kemahiran hidup or life skills classes, we were able to learn how to make wooden boxes, build electric toy cars, cook and bake yummy dishes, and even how to sew a simple pillowcase.

Though some of you might not think too much about these skills lessons anymore, there are loads of benefits of sewing.

Why sewing is important

Basic sewing is absolutely simple, and it could save you from tricky situations such as having a loose button before an important job interview or presentation. Learning sewing isn’t that complex either because you can easily refer to YouTube tutorials for these quick fixes.

However, if you’re more adventurous and creative, you can have many wonderful DIY projects such as making your own bags, outfits, blankets, embroidery and more. Additionally, this can be a ‘green’ hobby if you recycle textiles.

The best part is of course being able to make money out of it!

Here are a few basic sewing skills to pick up:

#1 How to thread a needle

Threading a needle means putting the thread into the tiny hole on the blunt end of your needle. Putting it in can be tough when you’re using really fine needles and threads, but the simplest trick is to make the thread end a little bit damp and it’ll go through quite easily.

#2 Sewing a straight stitch

A straight stitch is the simplest form of sewing but also important to learn before you try other fancy stitches. This basic stitch can ‘stick’ two pieces of cloth together even though it’s not the strongest stitch.

#3 Sewing or fixing a button

Besides tears and holes in our clothes, a loose button is the next most common issue a sewing skill can fix. Whether you’re putting a new one or just tightening up a loose one, you just need to sew through the holes a few times.

#4 Tying a knot

After you’re done sewing, how do you end it? By simply tying a knot. The knots are pretty easy and all you’ll need to tie twice or thrice depending on how secure you want it to be.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time you expand your sewing skills!

This sewing machine has a huge library of built-in embroidery designs.

Hand sewing can only take you so far when you’re diving into creative projects. You’ll need to invest in a trusty sewing machine to get more complicated stuff done at a faster rate.

Some of these more high-tech machines are even computerised such as the Brother NV-180D Sewing Machine. This heavy-duty and portable sewing machine comes with 181 built-in stitches and 125 built-in embroidery designs and fonts!

Bother Sewing, Quilting & Embroidery Machine

Image via Facebook

You won’t need to worry about creating some of the most fun designs ever because the machine can help make your ideas come to life.



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