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How To Transform Your Home By Painting With Colours

Jessica Chua

27 Apr 2021


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Give your home a makeover by painting new colours

We’ve all been spending a lot of time at home for the past year or so due to reasons we don’t want to bring up anymore for fear of falling into another spiralling pit of darkness and negativity. So let’s talk about colours!

Since we’re staying indoors so much, now is the perfect time to give your home a makeover and to give you something to work on so you’re not just languishing. And the best way to begin your home makeover process is by using paint! Here’s how:

Experiment with new colours

Experiment different colour paint to suite the space

Image via Unsplash/collovhome

Play around with colours in your home but have a specific place or purpose for them. For example, you can paint a different colour for every room with something that suit the space. You can also save bolder colours as accents around your house if you prefer something more neutral and peaceful, like adding a striking piece of furniture. Even better, introduce a new colour that’s never before seen in your home!

Think about the mood of the room

Decide the colour theme to suit the mood of the room

Image via Unsplash/joshmclove

Speaking of different colours for every room, everyone reacts to colours differently but they all generally follow the same rule of thumb. Bold and bright colours bring life and energy, for instance, while pale and pastel colours are more relaxing. So think about the mood that you want each room to bring and start planning from there.

Follow colour trends

Follow latest ideas of colour trends for your house makeover

Image via Unsplash/Taylor Heery

The home and living industry announces new colour trends every year. Once the news it out, the internet will be flooded with ideas and inspirations that you can incorporate into your home. Of course, you don’t have to change the colours of your walls every year, unless you’re renovating a brand new home. Just pick a colour theme you like and put your own twist to it.

Go monochrome

Paint monochrome colours for a simple & clean mood

Image via Unsplash/sidekix

Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring. It just means that you want to keep it simple and clean. There’s a technique to use monochromatic colours even with a single palette, and it’s easier than you think. Most of the time, this colour scheme follows neutral tones, but you can do the same with any colour of the rainbow. Start with a base colour and build your palette with lighter and darker shades of the same hue.

Give your kitchen a new look

Give your kitchen a makeover for a new look 

Image via Unsplash/Zac Gudakov

Think about the last time you thought about redecorating your kitchen. Unless you absolutely love to cook or have a kitchen studio in your home, the kitchen’s décor can be forgettable at times. But you could change things up like giving the walls a fresh coat of paint or changing the colours of your existing cabinets. Who knows? This might inspire you to cook more!

Create an accent wall

Transform your room with a painted accent wall

Image via The Zoe Report

One of the easiest ways to transform your room is painting an accent wall. Many modern homes today have an accent wall to create an instant focal point. You can even take it a step further by designing a pattern or using different textured paint like semi-gloss, satin or metallic for your accent wall. It’s nothing a quick DIY tutorial video can’t handle.

Add a trim for a pop of colour

Paint & refresh your trimmings for a pop of colour

Image via The Spruce/Margot Cavin

Besides the walls and furniture, refresh your trimmings with a new contrasting colour or fresh coat of white paint to make them look brand new again. It can be your windows, doorways, baseboards, or any feature in your home that outlines a space, give it a new look with complimentary colours.

No matter what you do, paint can always be painted over again. If you don’t like what you just did, just pick a different colour and repeat the process! After all, we’ve got plenty of time in our hands these days.


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Done Copy!
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