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Merchant-Partner(s) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How do I become a MyDunia merchant?

Register your interest and leave your details in our sign up form. A MyDunia representative will reach out via email to confirm your eligibility. Once this is completed, please prepare the necessary documents (as listed in the question below) and we will keep you updated on the progress through email.

What documents do I need to prepare to sign up as a MyDunia merchant?

Please provide the following documents:

  • Copy of business documents (SSM Form D or 9, 24, 49)
  • Coloured front and back copy of identification card (IC) or passport of the company director who will be signing the agreement. The director must be the ultimate beneficial owner of the company with a minimum 25% SSM share
  • Copy of bank account statement header
  • Copy of brand logo
  • Photo of store front displaying permanent signboard and brand logo
  • Copy of in-store menu with price
  • Gmail email address. You will receive a unique Gmail login upon successful registration
  • Copy of business license, if applicableĀ 
  • Copy of Halal certification, if applicableĀ 
  • Copy of SST certification, if applicableĀ 
  • Copy of insurance policy, if applicable

What benefits will I receive as a MyDunia merchant?

As part of MyDunia, you get to leverage on our end-to-end solutions and audience marketing to grow your brand reach and accelerate sales. Read more about how we can help you in the Sell With MyDunia page.

Charges & Payment

Do I have to pay a sign up fee?

No, signing up is absolutely free. So drop us your details in the sign-up form and we'll be in touch!

Do I have to pay to list my products and services?

No, you do not have to pay for listings.

Do I have to pay a transaction fee for products sold?

Yes, a fee will be imposed for every transaction/sale earned. The fee amount will be discussed and predetermined between you and MyDunia's representatives during the registration stage.


How do I list my products?

There are two methods for listing:

  • Self-Serve: Merchant to manually upload their listings on the platform.
  • Platform Integration: MyDunia to set up an API format to mirror listings from the merchant's existing platforms.

How many products and services can I list?

However many you want. There is no minimum or maximum limit.

Other Additional Services

What other additional marketing services will merchants get?

We have various marketing packages and initiatives customised to each brand and product. Please contact our representatives for further discussion.