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A Beginner’s Guide To Different Facial Oils And What They Can Do For You

Lea S

23 Mar 2021


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Images via Freepik and Anna Nekrashevich/Pexels

In humankind’s eternal quest for healthy, glowing skin, facial oils have been getting quite a bit of social media credit lately. This little gem in a dropper bottle promises moisturisation and versatility—you can also use it as lip balm and to touch up your makeup.

However, before you start slathering on the oil, it’s good to know some of the types available and what benefits they offer. That way, you can choose based on your specific skincare needs. Those of us struggling with oily skin can benefit from facial oils too, although the options are more limited.

#1 Squalane

Suitable for: All skin types

Squalane oil is lightweight, odourless and non-irritating, which means it’s suitable for sensitive skin conditions. Its moisturising properties also make it a staple for dry skin and eczema troubles. Additionally, it also does a fine job in keeping our skin’s excess oil production under control.

#2 Prickly Pear Seed

Suitable for: All skin types especially aging skin

Image via Ulrike Leone/Pixabay

See those little bulbs in the picture above? They contain black seeds from which prickly pear seed oil is extracted. The star qualities of this oil are its high vitamin E and K contents. Vitamin E helps to slow down the ageing process of our cells and promote cell regeneration while vitamin K brightens our skin (perfect to deal with those dark eye circles) and protects its elasticity.

#3 Argan

Suitable for: All skin types

Since it contains vitamin E (though not as much as prickly pear seed oil), you can use argan oil to lock in moisture. It’s also credited for helping with inflammation and acne—it’s non-comedogenic (aka it won’t clog your pores). If you’d like to reduce the appearance of sun spots and wrinkles, and regulate sebum production, argan oil can get the job done too.

#4 Black Seed

Suitable for: All skin types especially acne-prone skin

Image via gokalpiscan/Pixabay

Also called black cumin, black seed oil has long been known as a skincare booster—it’s even a favourite of legendary goddess Cleopatra! The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory oil is a must-have for those who want to reduce clogged pores, fill fine lines and minimise the appearance of pesky dark spots and discoloured patches. It’s also known to be effective in fighting eczema.

#5 Tamanu

Suitable for: All skin types especially dry skin

This one’s for those who have to deal with dry skin. Tamanu oil—extracted from the tamanu nut, is rich in fatty acid, making it an ideal hydrating moisturiser or serum—just make sure not to overdo it to prevent clogged pores. Despite its somewhat pungent smell, it’s also said to be helpful in calming inflamed acne, protecting our skin from sun damage and reducing the appearance of scars.

#6 Rosehip

Suitable for: All skin types

Image via Innviertlerin/Pixabay

Rosehip oil—not extracted from roses, by the way—is a skincare staple for many celebrities such as Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr. It’s packed with vitamins A and C, which means it’s good for skin regeneration and helpful in fading scars and brightening your skin. It also promises to leave you with firm skin and assists in locking in moisture.

Now, to help get all that nourishment into your skin and promote better absorption, you can use a gua sha tool or a facial massager. Plus, it's a really comforting feeling—like you're giving your face a mini spa treat!

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