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7 Home-Cleaning Tips If You’re Someone With Sinus Or Allergies

Jessica Chua

01 Mar 2021


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The thought of cleaning your home can be therapeutic for some, but for those who suffer from sinus and allergies, it’s a dreaded chore because you know it’ll just be an endless symphony of sneezing. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be exempted from cleaning duties!

In fact, people who are prone to allergies should prioritise cleaning their space all the more because it can help reduce the substances you’re allergic to around you.

Here are some cleaning tips you can practise at home without ending up with a severely irritated nose after:

#1 Remove clutter

Image via The Spruce

Allergens (things you’re allergic to) cling on to clutter like a parasite. If you have unused or untouched things laying around that are sure to collect dust, clear them out or store them properly. Those who love being surrounded by mountains of pillows and fluffy blankets, you might want to consider keeping one or two away because not only do they trap dust, they also produce it.

#2 Vacuum frequently

Image via Allergy & Air

This goes without saying because sinus and dust are no friends. Common allergens tend to stick to fabrics like carpets, rugs, curtains, and cushions. But if you can’t avoid having these items in your home, vacuum several times a week (or every day). And if you really want to bust those tiny particles, use a high efficiency particular air (HEPA) filter vacuum.

#3 Use microfiber cloths or disposable wipes

Image via Twenty20

The last thing you should be using to clean is a feather duster because all it does is move dust around without removing it completely. It’s better to use a microfiber cloth that’s soft, chemical-free and great for absorbing water and cleaning dust. Alternatively, you can use disposable dust wipes that allows dust to cling to the material.

#4 Wash your bedding regularly

Image via Architectural Digest

Your bedroom is one of the most important room to clean because that’s where you spend most of the night (and maybe even the day). Dust mites thrive in these conditions, which can further aggravate your sinus. So change your sheets weekly, wash them in hot water and leave them out in the sun to kill those nasty mites.

There are also allergy-proof bedding options out there if you’re not in the position to wash your pillows and comforter often.

#5 Use unscented cleaning products

Image via Pinterest

We all love a good, fresh and clean scent after cleaning every nook and cranny of the house. But your favourite nice-smelling cleaning product may not be suitable if you’re sinus or allergy-prone. Sadly, the chemicals used to give air fresheners that wonderful scent are also the same ones that can make your allergies more severe. So go for those with mild ingredients, or go au natural like vinegar, lemon and baking soda!

#6 Change your aircon filters

Image via Oasis Aircon

This is one step that’s often overlooked but is equally important to keep breathing in clean air. Since your air conditioning is basically filtering the air in your place regularly, it’s bound to capture dust and other particles. If you don’t clean them, it’s just circulating the same particles back to your face! So change or clean your filters at least once every couple of months, and remember to service them too!

#7 Wear gloves and mask

Image via Einstein Perspectives

To further protect yourself from allergens, it’s a good idea to wear gloves and mask, especially when you dust, sweep and vacuum the house. It’ll save you from coughing, sneezing and runny nose!

And if you'd like that extra boost of clean air, an air purifier like this or this can save the day without even lifting a finger! So, just take the necessary precautions and you might just be one step closer to eradicating all kinds of irritants from your household.


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