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Every Day Is A Good Day To #SapotLokal So Here Are 8 Malaysian Brands To Check Out


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25 Aug 2021


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Malaysian made local products MyDunia

Image via Hope Remedies, ViQ and SuperfruitsValley; Edited by MyDunia

If there’s one positive takeaway from the rollercoaster year that we’ve been living in, it’s that Malaysians are banding together to take care of each other. Seven out of 10 Malaysians (that’s 69% of us) are choosing to buy more from homegrown businesses in a bid to help them ride out this storm and rebuild our nation’s economy.

Similarly, the shift also demonstrates a rising confidence in local brands as we slowly distant ourselves from the misconception that international is better. Local brands such as Kawan Foods, Baba’s and PappaRich that have an international following are a testament that being Malaysian-made is just as good.

So as we continue to #sapotlokal—National Day and Malaysia Day are coming up, btw—show some love for these local businesses:

#1 Hope Remedies

Since 2019, this homegrown brand has been advocating natural skincare with their all-natural products that are free from harmful ingredients. The range of items available include clay masks, cleansing milk, elixirs and hydrosols.

L’Hydrosol Lavender Hydrosol

Hope Remedies Lavender Hydrosol

Image via Hope Remedies

The organic lavender hydrosol is suitable for all skin types and helps to balance skin PH, promote healing during breakouts, reduce redness and encourage hydration. Its floral and honey-like aroma gives it a calming property too!

To use it, spray directly onto your skin or onto cotton balls, then apply to smaller areas of concern. Here’s a tip from them: to prolong its shelf life (and for that extra refreshing factor), keep it in the fridge!

If lavender isn’t really your thing, there’s the L’Hydrosol Immortelle Hydrosol that is honey-scented, protects your skin’s collagen level and reduces dark circles.

La Terre Detoxifying Clay Mask

Hope Remedies French Pink Clay Mask

Image via Hope Remedies

If you’re dealing with aging, sensitive or dry skin, this detoxifying clay mask will come in handy. A combination of red and green clay, it doubles as a light exfoliator and helps to deliver moisture to tired, dull complexions while soothing inflamed skin and lightening scars.

Apply a layer onto your freshly cleansed face and neck, leaving it on for 15 minutes. After that, rinse off and spray a layer of Hydrosol for some extra TLC. Repeat this process twice a week to give your skin a much-needed detox.

Psst: There’s also a green clay mask option.

Le Nettoyage Cleansing Cream-Mousse

Hope Remedies Cleansing Cream Mousse

Image via Hope Remedies

The foundation of any good skincare routine is a good cleanser that cleanses but doesn’t strip away moisture. This mousse cleanser fits the bill. Infused with lavender and white currant, its fluffy foam can reach the deepest pits of your pores and wash the dirt away.

The folks at Hope Remedies suggest you use this before bed time. Its lavender floral water has mood enhancing and mind relaxing entities, perfect to leave you refreshed when you wake up in the morning!

In line with Merdeka and Malaysia Day, Hope Remedies is offering 20% of all their products from 29 August to 16 September 2021 on MyDunia. Each purchase is entitled to free samples and delivery too!

#2 Is So Basic

Fashion trends come and go, but none has a permanent following like basic wear. Inspired by the versatile yet simple white t-shirt, this Malaysian fashion brand offers basic fashion staples in premium quality yet at an affordable price. All the products are produced locally too, so that’s an added plus!

Some of their pieces that caught our attention are the high waisted wide leg pants (pair it with heels or sneakers), waistcoats (who says it’s only for men) and stylish shoulder-padded tops.

High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers

Is So Basic White High Waisted Wide Leg Pants

Image via Is So Basic

V-Neck Waistcoat/Vest

Is So Basic Blush Pink Waist Coat

Image via Is So Basic

Shoulder Pad Top

Is So Basic Green Shoulder Pad Top

Image via Is So Basic

#3 Medklinn

This Malaysian health technology brand believes that you don’t have to rely on chemicals to keep your home clean and germ-free. Since setting up shop in 2007, its products—focusing on eco-friendly and safe air sterilisers—have been well received locally and abroad in countries such as USA, Australia and Europe.

Leveraging on the Cerafusion technology, their sterilisers harness the power of nature to create Active Oxygen, which can eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, mould, allergens and odours in the air and on surfaces.

Versa 45 (Home + Travel Series)

Medklinn Versa 45 Air and Surface Steriliser

Image via Medklinn

This air and surface steriliser only weighs 220g—even lighter than a tablet, making it very convenient to take with you wherever you go. Though small and sleek, it can cover up to 450sqft. It also requires minimal maintenance. You only need to replace the cartridge once a year and NO cleaning is required. That’s a win-win for us!

Autoplus (Auto Series)

Medklinn Autoplus for car

Image via Medklinn

The interior of your car may not be as clean as it looks. However, this for-car steriliser can get the germ-busting job done. Equipped with a power dial, you can control the effectiveness level depending on your car size and need. It’s also very easy to charge—all you need is a USB port or a docking station.

Asens+20 (Home Series)

Medklinn Asens 20 portable air and surface steriliser

Image via Medklinn

A helpful addition to any home, this steriliser covers up to 200sqft but is also small—so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space. If you prefer to keep your space protected at all times, you can leave it on 24/7. It only consumes 6 watts, which will cost you lesser money than using an LED light bulb!

#4 SuperfruitsValley

The next time you’re looking for something sweet but minus the guilt, try these yogurt bites. Made in Malaysia using 100% real fruits and milk yogurt, they are halal-certified, freeze dried—yet still preserving 97% of the original nutrients—and have no added sugar. They also have an impressive shelf life of 2 years due to the freeze-dry technology used.

Frutara Freeze Dried Yogurt Snacks (8 Pack)

Mango raspberry blueberry blackberry yogurt snacks

Image via SuperfruitsValley

Gac fruit passionfruit mulberry fig yogurt snacks

Image via SuperfruitsValley

You can choose to buy each flavour separately or go for a more value-for-money bundle that includes all the flavours: blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, harum manis mango, gac fruit, mulberry, fig and passionfruit.

#5 Herreria Atelier

Crystals and gemstones are pretty in demand right now and this local custom jewellery brand lets you wear them as accessories. Made up of a team of designers and experienced metalsmiths—the founder has a certification in art and science of jewellery conception too, each design is intricately handcrafted in Malaysia.

They offer crystal rings, earrings, studs and cufflinks too. Meanwhile, some of the crystals available in their range includes moonstone, tourmaline, blue sapphire and malachite. And since different crystals have different healing benefits, you can also choose to customise yours with a specific crystal.

Tourmaline Bar Ring

erreria Atelier tourmaline bar ring

Image via Herreria Atelier

Multicolour Sapphire Ear Studs

Herreria Atelier multicolour sapphire ear studs

Image via Herreria Atelier

Blue Sapphire Orbit Ring

Herreria Atelier blue sapphire orbit ring

Image via Herreria Atelier

#6 Jolly Belly

This local business was created with one clear goal—to help Malaysian businesses and shine a light on Malaysian made products, including unique products by local farmers and home chefs! Their offerings are rather assorted though they seem to focus more on food items, kitchen appliances and beauty products.

Sarangyan Longan Bird’s Nest Drink

Jolly Belly Sarangyan longan birds nest drink

Image via Jolly Belly

This ready-to-drink bird’s next is 100% natural and contains no preservatives. Suitable to be consumed by any age or gender, it can help to stimulate growth amongst children, relieve tiredness and give our health an overall boost. Other flavours available include honey wolfberry and collagen.

OMG Black Sesame Peanut Butter

Jolly Belly OMG Black Sesame Peanut Butter Spread

Image via Jolly Belly

This homemade black beauty is made of pure and raw nuts and sesame seeds without using any refined sugar, oil, salt and preservatives. In other words, it’s good for you! To preserve its freshness, each order will only be made upon purchase and can last 2 to 3 months in room temperature. It comes with a ‘sugarless’ or ‘less sweet’ option too.

Nyolike Chicken Rice Paste

Jolly Belly Nyolike Chicken Rice Paste

Image via Jolly Belly

This halal Hainanese chicken rice paste is a quick fix for when you’re home alone and too lazy to whip up something from scratch, but want a delicious meal anyway. To cook, all you need to do is mix the paste in with washed rice and water, and just pop it in the rice cooker! For an ‘extra’ touch, you can throw in pandan leaf and a lightly seasoned chicken thigh too!

Now, for a brand that drives national pride, it’s only fitting that they throw in some special deals on MyDunia for Merdeka and Malaysia Day too. From 15 August to 16 September 2021, enjoy discounts of up to 60% on selected products and get your hands on special Merdeka sets such as the KHIND Ultimate Multi Hot Plate and Jolly Limited Edition Mooncake Gift Set.

#7 ViQ

Comfortable, fashionable and value-for-money sportswear is the promise of this Malaysia-based business. No matter your preferred fitness activity—from yoga and running to tennis and dance, there’s something for every man and woman. Here’s what we love even more; they are Muslimah-friendly and size-inclusive too, with some of the apparels going up to 5XL!

Asymmetric Sports Bra

ViQ grey asymmetric sports bra

Image via ViQ

Jersey Sports Wear

ViQ green blue jersey shirt

Image via ViQ

Harem sports pants

ViQ black harem yogi pants

Image via ViQ

#8 Smart Bee

You won’t get artificially processed honey here. This local trigona honey (honey from stingless bees) producer gets its sweet, liquid gold from an organic bee farm and single-handedly manages every step of its production from farm to shelf.

Trigona Honey/Madu Kelutut

Smart Bee Trigona Honey Madu Kelutut Apicalis

Image via Smart Bee

Trigona honey aka madu kelutut contains natural antibiotics, is rich in enzyme and high in antioxidants. It boasts several health properties some of which include increasing stamina, doubling as a super food, improving quality of sleep and can even be used as a hydrating facial mask!

You can find several variations of its honey on MyDunia such as apicalis, canifrons, itama and binghami, all of which carry different levels of sweet and sour notes.

Trigona Bee Pollen

Smart Bee Trigona Bee Pollen

Image via Smart Bee

Don’t be mistaken—bee pollen is a type of natural food, not a medicine. Those who aren’t allergic to pollen will find this helpful in improving their skin health, increasing endurance and strengthening immune system. In fact, it’s so rich in B vitamins, it’s 100 times higher than that of honey’s!

To add bee pollen to your diet, you can consume it directly followed by a drink of warm water, mix it with Trigona honey and warm water, or grind it into a powder and take it with warm or honey water. Make sure to store your bee pollen in the fridge or in a cool and dry place.

There are more Malaysian brands and products to be discovered on MyDunia. Have fun browsing!


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