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You Should Practice These 5 Safety Tips To Ensure You Don’t Get Injured While Exercising!

Jolene Lee

05 May 2021


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Man Wearing Sports Apparel Running

Image via jcomp

Exercise is a must in our everyday lives whether we love or hate it to ensure we’re living a healthy life.

However, injuries are inevitable when it comes to playing sports and more extreme activities. Hence, we must take safety precautions seriously and protect ourselves from getting hurt.

According to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign and the American Academy of Pediatrics, more than 3.5 million sports-related injuries happen to children and teens every year!

To avoid going through such pain and inconvenience, here are a few steps you can take:

#1 Wearing the correct shoe type according to the sport

Each sport or activity has a shoe made specifically for it. A football shoe for the field would have spikes on it while a badminton shoe for the court would have rubber soles.

Both functions the same which is to prevent you from slipping while running about, however, as the sport as well as the venue differ, the shoes will too.

Greysia Polii Wearing VICTOR A950W-C Badminton Shoes

Image via 360badminton

Get the VICTOR A950W-C Professional Badminton Shoes for RM409.45 (NP RM599) for better and safer badminton play. The sole has a circular and triangular design which allows for maximum grip during lateral and vertical movements which means you’re less likely to slip or twist your ankle.

#2 Check to see if your path has any unevenness, holes or sudden dips

If you’re a fan of jogging, running or even just strolling, you should ensure your path is a safe one. A good tip is to first recce the pathway to check for unevenness, holes or sudden dips. Once familiar, you will know to be more careful.

OGAWA T7.2 Treadmill Running Machine to run at home

Image via MyDunia

To be extra safe, you can avoid running outside altogether and opt for a running machine instead. Try investing in the OGAWA T7.2 Treadmill at RM2,499 (NP RM3,499) which is ideal for beginners who are just kick-starting your fitness journey.

There are multiple interesting programs and a great absorber design in this Ogawa treadmill which won’t hurt your knees in the long run (pun intended!).

#3 Wear your helmets, knee pads and elbow pads

You have to protect your body parts, especially the spots more prone to injuries such as your head, elbow and knees. This is particularly important when playing extreme sports or riding bikes.

Scraping your skin is bad enough, but without the protectors, you could fracture a bone!

Man riding Ogawa Spin Pro B1.6 Cardio Bike To Keep Fit

Image via Ogawa Malaysia

If you hate wearing such things, then you could stick to cycling indoors with the Ogawa Spin Pro B1.6 Cardio Bike which you can get for RM1,499 (NP RM1,799). This innovative exercise bike which comes with the Air Resistance System will allow you to feel like you’re really riding a bike but without the risk of falling down!

The user-friendly LED display screen can also monitor the state of your health so that you don’t overwork yourself.

#4 Make sure your equipment is of quality so that it won’t break easily

We all love pretty or sleek-looking equipment, but we must make sure the quality is up to par as well. Using items of lower quality may lead to accidents such as losing your grip, your gear loosening, or your items even breaking mid-game.

Badminton rackets for example should have a strong body for proper game control, a quality string that suits your playstyle, and even the right grip for the size of your hands.

Star Wars Darth Vader Holding Limited Edition Badminton Racket

Image via MyDunia

If you’re a Star Wars fanatic, you can get the VICTOR Star Wars Limited Edition racket priced at RM943.95 (NP RM1,499) or if you’re a newbie you can go for the VICTOR Aurapower-Z Racket for only RM178.44 (NP RM299.90).

To complete your badminton racket, lace it up with the VICTOR Ultrasonic Badminton String for only RM24.15 (NP RM33).

#5 The clothes DO make the person! You should wear proper sportswear

You may not think it’s such a big deal but wearing the right clothes is also important to your safety as well as comfort. Active apparel is made specifically for exercising. They can absorb sweat better and are more elastic than other materials without tearing easily.

This would allow all kinds of movement with no restrictions.

Black Titan Helium Running Socks For Long Runs

Image via MyDunia

Show some of your patriotism by donning the VICTOR Malaysia Player Series Jersey for RM138.54 (NP RM239.90), or get comfy in the VICTOR Short Pants for RM54.92 (NP RM65.90). These VICTOR apparel will provide max comfort and flexibility in your movements while still looking stylish.

Even proper socks matter! For someone who runs often or just overall does a lot of workouts, you’ll need a pair of socks like the Titan Helium Running Socks priced at RM71 (NP RM89) to protect your feet and even knees by absorbing impact!

Ultimately, wearing the right apparel and using the right equipment is essential to ensuring your exercise experience is safe, comfortable, and ultimately FUN!


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Done Copy!
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