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Here’s How You Can Stay Focused In A Noisy Environment

Jessica Chua

16 Apr 2021


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Unable to focus in a noisy environment

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Working from home and taking online classes has become the new norm for over a year now. Some employees are working remotely indefinitely as companies try to reduce operational costs. But unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege of working solo in a quiet environment.

A lot of us are either working with energetic kids playing at home, sitting in a crowded café, or working in open offices. This can be extremely challenging and stressful because any background or low-level noise can disrupt our concentration.

So here are some ways to help you stay focused no matter what environment you’re in:

#1 Tackle the easy tasks first

Improve concentration by focusing on easy tasks first

Image via Unsplash/cathrynlavery

Try not to multitask when you’re working or studying at a noisy place. Plan your assignments accordingly and check the simpler ones off your list first, one at a time. There’s bound to be a certain type of work that you can focus on even when you’re surrounded by small chatters.

#2 Learn to tune out all distractions

Focus your work by tuning out background noise

Image via Unsplash/christinhumephoto 

This is where selective hearing comes to play, which is allowing your brain to identify and pay attention to a particular source of sound while filtering out background noise. In this case, focus on the sound of your Zoom calls, your fingers typing away on the keyboard or reading what’s on your computer screen in your head, and tune out everything else.

#3 Pick a spot with constant noise

Constant & persistence sounds benefit your attention

Image via Unsplash/Brooke Cagle

What this means is instead of sitting where you only hear random bursts of noise coming in and out, somewhere with constant and persistent sounds may work towards your advantage, especially when you’re already in a noisy environment.

For example, instead of sitting near the counter where they’re blending coffee beans in intervals, park yourself among the patrons where there is constant talking and conversations. This acts as part of the background noise that you’ve already learned to filter out.

#4 Set urgency with deadlines

Give yourself a timeframe or deadline for each task and set a timer next to you. This helps you to fully concentrate on meeting the deadline even if there’s chaos happening behind you. One of the tried and true productivity methods is the Pomodoro technique, which is to break down your workflow in intervals using a timer, typically 25 minutes in length with short breaks in between.

#5 Use noise cancelling headphones

Wear noise isolation earphones to focus on work

Image via Freepik

Headphones or earphones are often recommended when you’re trying to focus or be productive at work. Some people find that listening to music while they’re working helps them to complete a task faster. So why not bring your level of focus up a notch with noise-cancelling headphones?

This gadget is popular because it can almost completely block out any background noise. Even if you’re not the type that likes listening to music while studying or doing work, putting on noise-cancelling earphones lets you tune everything out, literally.

You can find a whole range of noise cancelling headphones and wireless earbuds on MyDunia. Here’s what’s available:

Edifier K800 High Performance e-Learning Headphone with Microphone

Edifier K800 Noise Cancelling Headphone with Microphone 

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Apple Airpods with Charging Case

Wireless Apple Airpods with Charging Case

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Vinnifier Elite 1 Bluetooth Headset

Vinnifier Elite 1 Bluetooth Headset

Get the Vinnifier Bluetooth Headset for only RM49. For a more affordable option, this Bluetooth headset gives great sound quality, noise isolation, and comes with a built in microphone with up to 10 hours of playback and 10 hours of talk time. So if you're on a budget, this is a good choice.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2

Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 

Get the Xiaomi True Wireless Earbuds for only RM89. These earbuds allow you to switch between two devices seamlessly. Its high performance noise cancelling feature is further improved with the Bluetooth 5.0 chip, this guarantees a more stable connection. With a light weight and 12-hour battery life, this is perfect for those working outdoors for long hours. 

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