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Here’s How You Can Make Full Use Of The Treadmill At Home

Jessica Chua

09 Jun 2021


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Treadmill workout at home

Image via Treadmill Reviews

Running outdoors is not the best idea at the moment, even though it’s technically allowed when you do it alone. But since most of us are trying our best to avoid going out and being around people, it’s good to find ways to spice up our workouts at home and stay active.

One of them is exercising on a treadmill! Running on a treadmill is a form of cardio workout which offers a wide range of benefits, including strengthening muscles, controlling blood sugar, reducing joint stiffness, relieving stress or anxiety, improving sleep, boosting immune system, and more—all of which are particularly essential during this season.

But training on a treadmill is more than just running or jogging indoors with zero view. Here’s how you can make the most out of your treadmill workouts at home.

#1 Be well prepared

Proper gear outfit treadmill workout

Image via Cleveland Clinic

Although you’re running indoors in a stationary position, it’s important to have the right outfit and gear to get yourself 100 per cent ready for a good treadmill workout. So, dress as you normally would for an outdoor jog, like a dry fit T-shirt, a pair of running shorts or tights, comfortable running shoes, and a sweatband if you’re one to perspire excessively. Also have a water bottle within reach to keep yourself hydrated so you don’t have to pause your routine just to run to the kitchen for water.

#2 Do proper warmups

Warmup before treadmill exercise

Image via Healthline

It’s easy to jump straight onto your treadmill and start burning those calories immediately. But don’t forget to warm up! You can begin with this routine on the treadmill itself: walk for 3 minutes, jog for another 3 minutes, and do 3 sets of 20-second run and 40-second recovery. Now you’re ready to tackle your full treadmill exercise!

#3 Add more variety

Doing the same movements and routine can feel redundant, especially when you’re trying to keep yourself motivated enough to workout at home. So how do you make your treadmill workouts more effective and interesting? A good way is to incorporate high intensity interval training (HIIT) routines and changing up the incline to mimic running uphill.

#4 Use some weights

Did you know that heavier people tend to burn more calories when they work out? The closer you get to your ideal weight, each kilogramme feels harder to lose. Try adding some weights to your treadmill training so that your body works harder for you. You can use small hand weights or even wrist and ankle weights to feel the burn. 

#5 Listen to music or watch something

Listen music treadmill workout

Image via Cleveland Clinic

Give yourself a tiny distraction while exercising because running on the same spot can feel mundane very quickly. You can put on your favourite workout playlist or play episodes of a lighthearted series to keep yourself motivated and feeling good. In fact, studies have shown that listening to music while running can help boost performance and burn more calories. So, let’s keep up the beat and pace!

#6 Try not to hold the machine

Don’t hold treadmill handle workout

Image via Eat This, Not That

It can be tempting to hold on to the handles of your treadmill while running, but you can burn calories more effectively when you use your whole body to run. Other than adding weights as mentioned, you can also keep your hands at the sides of your body or hips to avoid holding the machine.

And make sure you’re not letting the machine do the work for you by keeping your strides short. Pay attention to your timing, maintain a good pace and rhythm to keep your heart rate up!

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Ogawa Trek Pro T7.2 Treadmill

Image via MyDunia

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