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Don’t Forget Your Skincare Routine Even While WFH

Jessica Chua

18 Feb 2021


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Image via pressfoto/Freepik

The pandemic has continued to place road blocks in our daily routine and we don’t know how much longer this will last. As we navigate through this new normal, most of us will be working from home (WFH) until things calm down.

Now that we won’t be seeing much of the sunlight, it’s tempting to want to stay in your pajamas all day long because… who’s going to find out? But WFH fashion aside, it’s still important to maintain a decent routine in terms of skincare.

So let’s walk through these skincare steps that you shouldn’t neglect even if you’re working right next to your bed:


Image via Dermatology Alliance

Start your day fresh by washing your face in the morning to get rid of all the oil and grime that built up overnight. Since you won’t be dealing with pollution and free radicals because you’re home all day, you can use a facial cleanser with a mild and gentle formula that doesn't strip away the natural oils on your face. You can also use an automatic cleansing massager like this if you need that extra help.


Image via Lookfantastic

Although you won’t be exposed to polluted air outside as much, staying indoors can be dry and humid, making your skin feel dehydrated. Using a moisturiser with hydrating properties after cleansing your face can give your skin sufficient drink of water throughout the day.

Face oil

Image via Sarah Freia 

If you have very dry skin, gently massage some face oil into your skin in the mornings to keep it supple and get your blood circulation flowing. You won’t have to worry about looking too oily during the day. But if you have to take a last-minute conference call, just switch off the camera!

Face mask

Image via Freepik

We’ve got all the extra time we need these days, so give your skin the extra boost that it needs by slapping on a face mask or sheet mask every couple of days. You can alternate between an exfoliating or clay mask and a hydrating one to get the most out of your little pampering session every night!

Acne treatment

Image via Into the Gloss

If you’re prone to breakouts, you’ve got zits because it’s that time of the month or you’re getting maskne, you don’t have to wait till bedtime to put on pimple cream that makes you look like you’ve got white paint on your face. Just dot it on in the morning and go on with your day, and your unwanted visitor might just disappear quicker than usual.

Eye cream

Image via Love and Lavender

We see your panda eyes thanks to those late night binge sessions, but we’re not here to call you out because we’re all on the same boat! So don’t skip applying eye cream in the morning and night time, it’ll help those dark circles, wrinkles and puffy eyes.


Image via New York Post

Yes, sunscreen is essential even while you’re indoors because UVA rays (you know the ones that cause premature skin aging, discolouration, and pigmentation) can penetrate through glass! Unless you work in a basement with no windows and sunlight coming through… It’s useful for those who plan to go for morning or evening walks too.

Body care

Image via Leaf TV

We’ve been focusing mainly on the face so far but your body needs some tender loving care too! Take care of the skin on your body by putting on body lotion every day and give yourself a mini at-home spa once or twice a week with a nice scrub.

So remember to take care of yourself while staying home!


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Done Copy!
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