Beauty Supplement

CodiBelle merupakan Campuran Beri, Codiceps, dan Collagen Tripeptide "500 Dalton" yang sangat bagus untuk terus kekal awet muda dan kekal cantik...
Many known health benefits of eating Trigona bee ( Stingless Bee) honey regularly include anti-aging, enhanced libido and immune system, fighting bacteria and treating bronchial catarrh, sore throat, coughs and colds. Trigona bee ( stingless bee) honey is also restorative after an illness and said to soothe pain, act as antiseptic, hasten to heal, relieve cough and be effective in curing burns, boils, diabetic wounds healing, the treatment of eye disorders, gastrointestinal tract diseases, neurological disorders, and fertility disorders. Long-term consumption can quickly restore us who are overworked, replenish vitality and improve immunity.