OGAWA IntelLAB Bluetooth Digital Body Weighing Scale

It measures up to 8 paramaters:
1. Body Fat
2. Body Muscle
3. Calories
4. BMI
5. Body Hydration
6. Body Bone
7. Can store up to 8 users data
8. Visceral fat
Facial care kit with 4 interchageable attachment heads
Bi-directional facial epilator
Massage roller
Mini pen trimmer
Precision detailing comb attachment
2 years warranty period
Product certified with local authority approval (ST, SIRIM, etc.)
Official IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset designed to deliver long-lasting visible results in just 2 months, full-body treatments done in 30 minutes, just once per week.

Why Should You Try IPL Handset?
- Reduces up to 90% hair growth in just 2 months
- Affordable as compared to salon treatments
- Perform IPL treatment at the comfort of your home
- No recurring cost, no refills needed, use for 10+ years
- Gentle to your delicate skin
- Say goodbye to your razor, hot wax, and epilator
The newly arrived facial lifting device adds capabilities to tighten and firm your skin in the comfort of your own home.

The ThermoCryo Facial Lifting Device has 3 modes that suits different needs.

Thermal massage mode with red LED therapy aids in skincare product absorption while stimulating the epidermis to promote collagen protein.

Cryo massage mode is the best used to start your day to reduce puffiness and let the blue LED target your oil glands to restrict oil production and kill acne bacteria.

Or simply use the vibration massage to stimulate blood circulation around your face for a better complexion and feel refreshed!
The new body slimming & massage device comes with EMS, Ultrasonic Vibration and Heat for optimal and further result.

The Body Slimming and Massage device employs a combination of EMS, ultrasonic vibration and heat (47°C) to create the effect of toning, slimming and lifting for your body.

It can be used on your whole body for effortless toning and slimming action.
OGAWA Ez-Wave LITE is more than just a slimming machine. Get creative and combine your home exercises with OGAWA Ez-Wave LITE for an elevated fitness experience.

- Helps to reduce inches on waist and tummy
- Helps shapes buttocks
- Helps shapes legs
- Helps burns fats more efficient
- Helps improve your body's metabolism
- Helps strengthen your muscles
- Compact and space saving