Imported Food

TEA+ Oolong tea was released in 2013, starting a new segmentation of tea in Vietnam.
Extracted from green tea leaves from Thai Nguyen highlands in the north of Vietnam where the climate is perfectly suited to cultivating the highest quality green tea.
Macchiato Milk Tea Khong Do is made from Thai Nguyen green tea leaves and flavored with Macchiato ice cream
Creating the difference by making vermicelli strands from pure green beans, manufacturing on modern automatic, closed production line from powder mixing to product, Phu Huong vermicelli is completely clean, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
Number 1 Active is the ideal choice for consumers looking to maintain a balanced body when exercising.
Made from a combination of nine different herbs, Dr Thanh Herbal Tea has been especially developed to help you relieve inner health when battling the everyday tolls of modern life.
Tribeco Bird's Nest white fungus drink is produced from premium quality Salangane's Nest.
Cholimex shrimp satay has the fatty taste of oil, spicy aroma characteristic of chili, garlic and citronella
Cholimex Hot chili sauce is produced from pure and fresh chili & garlic without spicy powder and artificial garlic flavor.
with delicious taste, richness and attractive colors to increase the salty taste for the dish.
Te Hung (TEHUCO) specializes in manufacturing and trading of fruits, vegetables, dried: dried jackfruit, banana, dried lotus seeds, dried sweet potatoes, dried taro, dried melon, dried fruit mixture