• Plug-in night light, plug and play, it automatically lights up in the dark, convenient and intimate
• Built-in light sensor, light sensing, smart recognition, night and night, automatic lighting in dark environment
• The soft light effect, 2500K color temperature light is soft and not glare
• Ultra-low power consumption, energy-saving, only 4kWh per year
• No need to replace the battery, humanized plug-in type, eliminating the trouble of frequent charging or battery replacement
• Simple and generous, simple and versatile
• Sensor: light sensor
• The white, simple and delicate product design fits any home interior style
Product Dimension LxWxH: 9.9x9.8x17.5cm Weight (g): 300
• Minimalist design, small, compact night light
• Innovate magnetic attraction design warm, soft light in the palm of your hand.
• Rotates 360° for diffuse lighting.
• The dual light sensor + infrared detection with a wide 120° sensing area activates the light only when human activity or motion is detected. Supports real-time detection, when the sensor does not detect human activity or motion for 15 seconds it switches off automatically to conveniently save power.
• No visible flicker and harmful blue light, so you can get up in the night without disturbing anyone.
• With 3 AA batteries included, you're no longer tied down by sockets. The light uses a sophisticated, energy efficient sensor that consumes as little as 0.25 mW of energy in standby mode.
• Battery life : High setting: approx. 8 month, Low setting: approx. 15month