The OGAWA Caree Touch Handheld Massager is uniquely designed to fulfill different individual massage needs.
~ Comes with trio changeable massage heads
~ Variable speed settings
~ Ergonomic design
OGAWA IntelLAB Bluetooth Digital Body Weighing Scale

It measures up to 8 paramaters:
1. Body Fat
2. Body Muscle
3. Calories
4. BMI
5. Body Hydration
6. Body Bone
7. Can store up to 8 users data
8. Visceral fat
Special Features
- Ultrasonic Technology - creates and releases micro-fine mist that increases moisture level and instant cooling air.
- Auto Switch Off - automatically switch off when water level is low.
- Built-in Timer - comes with 4 timer settings to cater different needs and digital clock with easy-to-read LCD display.
- Multi-functional Design - combination of an alarm clock and humidifier that comes with calming mood light and aroma difuser that provides optimal comfort.
-Sleek and Compact - sleek and compact yet functional. Using an internal tank of 100ml and capable to operates for up to 5 hours in long mode. Product Benefits: • Provides relief to allergic rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory symptoms disease. • Eliminate cooking, cigarette smells and unpleasant odors. • Creates a cleaner, fresher, healthier indoor environment. • Provides humidity for room size up to 15m. • Aroma-therapeutic effects to relieve stress & fatigue."
The new body slimming & massage device comes with EMS, Ultrasonic Vibration and Heat for optimal and further result.

The Body Slimming and Massage device employs a combination of EMS, ultrasonic vibration and heat (47°C) to create the effect of toning, slimming and lifting for your body.

It can be used on your whole body for effortless toning and slimming action.
The newly arrived facial lifting device adds capabilities to tighten and firm your skin in the comfort of your own home.

The ThermoCryo Facial Lifting Device has 3 modes that suits different needs.

Thermal massage mode with red LED therapy aids in skincare product absorption while stimulating the epidermis to promote collagen protein.

Cryo massage mode is the best used to start your day to reduce puffiness and let the blue LED target your oil glands to restrict oil production and kill acne bacteria.

Or simply use the vibration massage to stimulate blood circulation around your face for a better complexion and feel refreshed!
OGAWA Ultimate Germagic Air Purifier
Protect your home with clean and purified air with OGAWA Ultimate Germagic Air Purifier now.
Eliminates up to 99.97% of harmful microbes.
Clean Air Delivery Rate: 210 m3/hour.
HURRY! Order now and get a complimentary OGAWA Odor Filter + HEPA Filter worth RM 199
OGAWA T7.2 Treadmill is an ideal choice for beginners to kick start their fitness journey. Multiple interesting programs together with the new absorber design, provides a better feeling and protection towards your knees and it enhance your journey to be lively and fun. It is space saving and a lightweight equipment that is easy to handle, operate, foldable and movable. It also have a auto-inclination.

Comes with a complimentary OGAWA IntelLAB Bluetooth Digital Weighing Scale worth RM 185