Serums & Essense

Giving you the total intensive and long lasting hydration protection to the skin. Using the signature Hyaluronic Acid from Japan with the smallest molecule easy penetrate into the deepest layer of skin to create the long lasting hydration effect. Good for prevent skin aging, and create the perfect skin base to absorb the nutrients.
Package include:
1. Gold Peptide Stem Cell Mask *50 g
2. Rehydrating Serum *4 ml x 8 pcs
This powerful elixir of oils penetrates upon application to tone and energize. Helping your skin to look and feel immediately refreshed, hydrated, refined and naturally glowing. This natural sunscreen can be used along with daily serums that are already in your skincare routine to provide an extra barrier for supple skin. Organic Jojoba oil mimics skin natural sebum production to help tighten pores, leaves your skin soft and silky.