Flat shoulder bag with a padded Touch Pad compartment. The Tatonka Kick Out will accommodate travel documents as well as a Touch Pad. There s a zip on the back for access to a Touch Pad, which can be used without having to take it out of the bag.


The Tatonka Akela 45 is ideal for short and medium-length trips. It has the adjustable Y1 carrying system that is designed to suit the volume of the rucksack. It efficiently transfers the load to the hips, and its flexibility makes it extremely pleasant to carry.


Tatonka Baix 10 is a leatherlight active backpack. Ambitious outdoor-lovers will find in the Baix a lightweight, compact backpack that fits well against the back.


Tatonka Baix 15 is a featherlight active backpack. Ambitious outdoor-lovers will find in the Baix a lightweight, compact backpack that fits well against the back.

  • Two stowable shoulder straps (S – XXL)
  • Variable attachment points for carrying straps
  • Durable rubberised handles on both sides
  • Extra-wide handles and shoulder straps

Tatonka Barrel Roller is a strong wheelie bag by Tatonka is and even more practical now. It has a bigger opening to make packing easier, and the additional handles on the sides make carrying it (not something that can always be avoided) easier.


Tatonka Barrel, a indestructible travel bag is now even easier to handle. We have optimised our popular classic: the larger opening makes it even easier to pack the bag.


Tatonka Escape 75 is sporty travel backpack with TOP that can be used separately. The strong carrying system which can be completely covered to check in when flying makes the Escape the perfect travelling companion.


Tatonka Flight Barrel is a compact barrel-style bag in hand luggage dimensions. Check-in will never again be a problem with the compact Flight Barrel in hand baggage dimensions and with a capacity of 35 l.


Tatonka Flight Case is a smart, practical travel companion. Lots of airlines readily accept the Flightcase as hand baggage. Its strong, padded carrying system can be covered and the backpack then used as a bag.


The Tantoka is a sporty all-rounder for every day! The zigzag elastic lacing of the Flying Fox not only instantly catches the eye, but is also extremely useful.


With its highly developed V2 carrying system, the Tatonka Hinterland 70 rucksack offers an excellent level of carrying comfort, all the important features and first-class manufacture.


Tatonka Mini Travelcare is a small foldable toiletries bag. Even the smallest of our classic outdoor toiletries bags keeps things tidy, has a hanging hook and looks great.


Tatonka Seaman is a Kit bag – also for landlubbers. Seaman is made of indestructible tarpaulin and has a roll-up closure. Suitable for anyone who likes a relaxed way to carry their luggage